How to Engrave Plaques

As with trophies the true value in plaques comes from their personalized engraving. And also like trophies, there are some general plaque engraving “Rules of Thumb”:
  • Keep It Simple! Because you have more space, there is a tendency to want to say more and fill up the space. But when engraving plaques and awards, less is more. Say the important things.
  • Focus on the person receiving the plaque and the reason for presenting it. Use bold and/or italics along with font size to bring attention to the person’s name.
  • A date in the engraving helps to commemorate the event.
  • Upper and lower case mixed is easier to read than all caps.
  • Spacing the lines on the plaque engraving makes it easier to read.

Here are some examples of plaque engraving:


Award Name

Presented to

Recipient Name

For Accomplishment

Example 1:

Achievement Award

Presented to

Lemont Cranston

For Your Dedicated Service
And Efforts
Where They Counted Most

Example 2:

Excellence in
Advertising Award

Presented to

Jennifer Knight

For Your

Endless Enthusiasm
And Tireless Dedication
To the
Road Warrior Tires

Project Example 3:

The Deming Quality Award

Presented to

Pat Turske

- In Recognition of -

12 Continuous Quarters
Constant Improvement

September, 2010

Example 4:

Outstanding Service Award

Presented to

Randy Alexander

In Grateful Appreciation

25 Years
of Dedication and Service
1984 – 2009

(H-Line Fence Co Logo)

Example 5:

(MicoCosm Software Logo)

Outstanding Producer of the Year

Presented to

Sandra Walker

You Broke All Quotas
You Set the Pace
You Led the Pack


Example 6:

Presented to
In Grateful Appreciation For
Your Presentation at the
MCTE Fall Conference
Lansing, Michigan
October 29, 2010