How to Engrave Trophies

Trophies almost always have engraving or printing on them. So what should you have engraved on your trophies? Here are some general trophy engraving “Rules of Thumb”:
  • Keep It Simple! Less really is more when you only have 3/4”x3” of space to work with.
  • It is nice to have the trophies personalized. This emphasizes the team player’s name or the name of the team.
  • Include the team sponsor name, if you have one.
  • A date in the engraving helps to commemorate the trophy.
  • The season score would be appropriate if it is worth bragging about.
  • The personalization could be extended to include an accomplishment of the player. For example: MVP, Highest Score, Fastest Car, Biggest Fish, etc.
  • Upper and lower case mixed is easier to read than all caps.
Here are some examples of trophy engraving:

  Team Name
Player Name

Sponsor Name
Team Name
Season Score

Team Name
Player Name

Mason Muskies
Erik Jacobsen

Buck’s Pizza & Car Wash
The Timber Wolves
12-3-0 Season

Becky Stevens

Remember to keep it simple. You can’t say everything on a trophy tag or on the back of a medal, so it is best to focus on the most important things.

Some trophy manufacturers charge extra for engraving, or charge extra for engraving over a given number of characters, or some charge extra for personalized engraving. Make sure you find out before ordering so there are no surprises when you buy your trophies. At QuickTrophy, there is no extra charge for engraving or personalization. Some medals without engraving are offered at a discount, though.